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Uncultured Swine

Episode · 3 months ago

The Eye of Argon


Orbs of sight, reader's delight! GSV and Johnny, aided by special guests Jace Dickey and Zeek Aran, read through the entire damnable text of the ancient work of ill-advisedly published fantasy fiction, The Eye of Argon! Strap in for 3 hours of audiobook and 1 hour of complaining and giggling, both of them nonconsecutively.

Here's the PDF version we were reading from: [ ] (and here's a backup text transcr ipt, because that's really hard to read: )

TvTropes' Best guess for what The Eye Of Argon is made out of: [ ]

A huge thanks to Terminal Khaos Builders for providing all music used in this episode! Our opening theme is "Oh, they never lie," off the album "12 Views of Iain M. Banks's Culture." Check out their music here:

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