Excession parts 8 and 9


Aliens attack! Ships seccede! Rogues reminisce! And Johnny says Morvin f***ing Skell again! 

A huge thanks to Terminal Khaos Builders for providing all music used in this episode! Our opening theme is "Oh, they never lie," off the album "12 Views of Iain M. Banks's Culture." Check out their music here: 

Also, the music used while GSV read the good ship's last thoughts was, "But in the end, it's still just cleaning a table" off the same album

Also also, if you find talk of historical torture titilating, I suggest the Dan Carlin's Hardcore History episode "Painfotainment," link here:

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Episode 6 · 5 months ago

Use of Weapons 3 of 5

Covering chapters word-five to numeral-seven.

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Episode 5 · 5 months ago

Use of Weapons 2 of 5

Covering the beginning of part two up to the end of chapter word-seven.

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Episode 4 · 6 months ago

Use of Weapons Part 1 of 5

Covering the start of the book up to the beginning of part 2

Warlords topple from on high onto orgies of decadence as The evidently omnibenevolent Culture clashes once more with the forces of primitive aristocracy! Central to the machinations of the Minds on high is a death-obsessed soldier named Zakalwe, and a skilled diplomat named Diziet Sma. Johnny and GSV can't wait to unpack this!

Also we mention an XKCD at one point, here's the link to it:

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Episode 3 · 6 months ago

Player of Games Part 3 of 3

The thrilling conclusion of Player of Games! Divine Debates! Belittled Battles! Foul pornography! Everything you crave!

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